A number of new features have been added by Meta for Reels creators on Facebook and Instagram. The Add Yours stickers can now be used by creators on Reels on both platforms. Since November of last year, this sticker has been accessible for Instagram Stories. It gained a lot of traction rapidly, and the business is now bringing it to Reels as well.

The “Add Yours” sticker enables you to carry on a trend or motivates users to publish more about a particular subject. Simply stick the sticker on your reels to make it easy for viewers to find all reels that are connected in one location. They can make their own Reel about the trend and discover who initiated it. This promotes participation and links those with related interests.

The Creator Studio insights for Reels on Facebook are the following to be released by Meta. In order to determine what kinds of Reels are most effective for them, users will have access to information like reach, minutes played, average view time, and interactions. Creators will be able to tweak and develop their material in accordance with the preferences of their audience thanks to these insights.

Advertisement Stars, which are fictitious objects that fans can present to their favorite Reels artists, are now another way for eligible Reels creators on Facebook to make money. On longer videos, Facebook already offers Stars. This is just one of the several ways that content producers can make money off of Meta applications.

Additionally, Reels’ sequential remixes on Facebook and Instagram are now supported by Meta. You can arrange for your remix to play after the original Reel using this option. Additionally, you may now make a remix in which both the original Reel and your version play simultaneously.

RIGHT NOW, REELS CAN BE CROSS-POSTED FROM INSTAGRAM TO FACEBOOK. In addition, Meta is enabling users to cross-post their Instagram Reels on Facebook as part of this significant feature drop. The company claims that by doing this, creators will be able to increase their following and reach across both platforms. Additionally, this should provide them access to monetization capabilities on both social networks.

Advertisement Not to mention, Facebook is adding Reels that are automatically generated based on your past tales and recollections on the network. The social media site already serves as a reminder of your previous posts and allows you to share them as recollections. You now have a completely new method to share your memories on the app thanks to auto-created Reels. This week, Facebook and Instagram creators can access all of these capabilities.


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