Google is putting an end to the widespread abuse of RCS in Google Messages that was bombarding users in India with advertisements after we reported on it last month.

ENTERPRISE MESSAGES RCS Ads are currently suspended. Users of Google Messages in India who have RCS enabled have been receiving advertisements for more than a year. Although the issue affects both RCS and conventional SMS, it has become worse and more prevalent in recent months with RCS. Advertisements could be exploitative at times and were frequently for personal loans among other businesses.

This week, Google announced that it would halt RCS advertisements in India, at least temporarily. Google says to Gadgets360 in conversation:

We are aware that certain companies misuse our anti-spam regulations in order to market to people in India. In order to enhance the user experience for users, we are blocking this feature in India while we collaborate with the industry.

According to the journal, the update has been operational for almost a week. Before this modification, the only method to truly stop RCS advertisements was to completely disable Chat Features in the Google Messages app.

WHY ARE THESE ADVERTISEMENTS A PROBLEM? SMS is frequently used for ads and promotions, but the ones that came through Google Messages RCS were more overtly detrimental and intrusive.

Since most of the advertisements were financial, more was at risk. Furthermore, no user activity was used to trigger the adverts. Random deliveries of ads were made. Additionally, these RCS advertisements frequently had unique formatting that dominated the user experience more than a straightforward text message would.

The Verified Business function in the Messages app, which is meant to be used for communicating with customers rather than for marketing like this, was being abused, Google said.

The suspension in Google’s advertising won’t prevent these companies from communicating with customers via RCS, but it will stop the adverts.

Android Authority shared a first-hand account of the advertising in a post last week, claiming that they began to appear within the first hour of returning to Google Messages. In less than 10 hours, three unwanted advertisements appeared.

The fact that Google is suspending ads transmitted through RCS is undoubtedly a positive thing, but it will be fascinating to see how the company resolves the issue in the long run. It’s crucial to do this right because RCS serves as the cornerstone of Google’s consumer communications initiatives. It would also be disastrous for the company’s efforts if this kind of conduct spread around the globe.

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