Although Call Of Duty isn’t typically the game that comes to mind when thinking of raids, Activision has stated that with the release of Modern Warfare II, raids will be introduced to the Call Of Duty franchise. The publisher did not specify the precise launch date for the initial round of raids, but they will take place after the game’s initial release.

Raids will begin in season 1 of Call of Duty: NEXT, Activision did affirm at the game’s showcase. It is scheduled to land on November 16; hence, raids should start then. Regarding specifics, the publisher is keeping a lot of information very quiet. However, based on the sounds of the extremely scant details, it appears like the raid material will be somewhat comparable to the raids in Destiny 2. at least to a certain extent.

Call of Duty: There will be challenges in Modern Warfare II raids How difficult Activision has made these raids is unclear. But some kind of teamwork will be required to finish the content. 3v3 raids will be the format. So right away, they most likely won’t be as expansive as raids in Destiny 2. which require six players.

But in Modern Warfare II, advertisement coordination will still play a significant role in the mode. raids will include includes puzzle solving and strategy in addition to periods of furious battle. According to Activision, raids will be published as short-duration episodic missions over time, linking together plot points, fast-paced action, and challenging tasks never previously seen in a Call of Duty game.

RAIDS: WHAT TO EXPECT Although Activision hasn’t revealed much about raids just yet, they could end up being very alluring. How successfully these will be provided is unknown. Raids in Destiny 2 are typically large events with several bosses. comprising a variety of the story, riddles, surprises, and other things. Additionally, there is a reward for finishing them: specific loot that is exclusive to completing them.

Whether Modern Warfare II will have the same kind of incentive, giving players the chance to gain guns or other stuff outside of raids, is unknown. It is to be hoped that Activision will incorporate all of this and more. Raids in Call of Duty have a great deal of potential to be as thrilling. with new challenging material, exclusive maps and settings, and of course, gear.

Advertisement Both the development team and the gamers attempting to complete a raid face enormous challenges. So let’s hope Activision can live up to the bar Bungie and Destiny 2 have set for the genre of content. Activision will release Warzone 2.0 in November and Call of Duty Warzone: Mobile in 2023 in addition to raids.


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