The Android @ Work series is the first batch of 2022 from collectibles manufacturer Dead Zebra, which has been making Android figurines for years. This year’s exhibition, however, is completely dominated by a cute little Pixelbook on one of the figures.

ANDROID FIGURES FOR 2022 The newest Android figure set from Dead Zebra is themed around being at work, and each figure has a unique design that corresponds to a certain profession. There are a total of 12 figures:

farming, farmers, and field laborers (with cap) Barista, Roaster, and Caf (with mug) Baker, Chef, and Food Service (with chef hat and knife) Contractor, Lineworker, and Construction (with hardhat and screwdriver) Coder, Developer, and Cybersecurity (with laptop and phone) Executive, attorney, and investor (with briefcase and phone) medical field, doctor, and nurse (with mask and stethoscope) Delivery, logistics, mail, and messenger (with cap and package) Journalist, Correspondent, or Reporter (with mic, camera and phone) educator, counsellor, and consultant (with briefcase and notebook) IT, tech support, and engineering (with badge, Pixelbook and cable) Waiters, hosts, bartenders, and sommeliers (with towel and bottle)

The price of each figure is $12, or you can save a little money by purchasing the entire set, which comes to $132 overall. These new designs each have their own unique accessories, and overall, this series from Dead Zebra may feature the most accessories to yet. The updated figures from a few years ago, which had posable antennae and arms, served as the foundation for the latest batch as well.

The star of the show is the tiny Pixelbook. Journalist, IT, and Developer are three of the Dead Zebras 2022 Android figures we purchased. Stock levels indicate that those are the most in demand among the lot as well.

All three figures ship in attractive boxes and are of the same high quality as before, arriving in transit without incident. A phone, a laptop that is covered in stickers, and a pair of glasses are all included in the developer’s package. The reporter is equipped with a camera, phone, microphone, and glasses in addition to a camera. One thing to keep in mind about these two figures in particular: It’s incredibly simple to break their glasses. I accidentally broke the developer’s glasses while trying to put them on because they demand a lot of tension. Sadly, the reporter witnessed a similar outcome, with the glasses breaking when I inadvertently knocked the figurine over while wearing them. Yes, today I am incredibly clumsy. Fortunately, both figures look fantastic even without the spectacles (but no, super glue doesnt seem to fix this one).

The IT/Engineer figure also sports a Pixelbook, a cable, a Chrome offline Dino sweater, and a badge. In my opinion, this is the actual star of the show because the Android figurine appears to be prepared for Google I/O. The figure’s details are likewise astounding. The Pixelbook actually resembles Google’s 2017 laptop in every way, including the teeny, tiny cutout for the USB-C connector and the indent for lifting the lid.

The developer and reporter smartphones even had a charging port cutout and a camera on the back, so all three of the figures I purchased shared this degree of realism. It has a Pixel 2 XL appearance.

The majority of the Dead Zebras 2022 Android figure batch available now through the companys online store are currently shipping. Unless you purchase a complete set, these three are the only ones that are currently delayed. Just, uh, don’t do what I did and smash the glasses right away.

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