Support for customers who’d prefer access via a Meta account is currently going out for individuals who still want to play with Quest VR installations but want to stay away from Facebook. That is in accordance with a recent reports that describes the changeover and update from Facebook parent Meta.

In conclusion, the business is removing the requirement for a Facebook account and allowing people to create and connect via a Meta account. The information was released after Meta declared it would make the modification. That comes naturally after the initial disclosure in late 2021. In July of this year, a more formal declaration followed that one.

WHAT IS CHANGING WITH QUEST VR HEADSETS’ META ACCOUNT SUPPORT? The main change is that users won’t have to register for Facebook and everything that comes with it in order to use a Quest VR headset. Once it is sent to a specific end user, creating an account is quite simple. Users can now choose to join up using Facebook, Instagram, or an email when opening the Oculus app.

Advertisement However, those who already have a Facebook account and wish to create a Meta account must merge those accounts. This is done so that the Meta account and the Facebook-related data can be combined. There are so certain restrictions and warnings for individuals who are already using Quest VR.

Contrarily, one of those restrictions is that owners of standalone Oculus accounts must switch to a Meta account. The due date for this is January 1 of the following year. Users will therefore have enough time to complete the activity, but not too much. dedicated web page will be given for successfully finishing the process. To pair devices and sync purchases, consumers must sign in and enter a code from their headset.

Emailing a Meta account without Facebook or Instagram will also take more work. User names and birthdays must be entered. According to Meta, the birthdays are necessary to match content to consumers by age group. And to confirm that users are older than the legal age limit of 13.

Advertisement Owners of Meta accounts must also create a Meta Horizon account. For the VR services connected to Quest VR, that serves as a personal social profile. include user avatars, friends, followers, and many features. Although individuals have the option to make their profiles private and forego all conversations.


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