Given the Kia owner’s passion, it’s understandable why Niko’s video featuring Childish Gambino received over 2.1 million hits. Joe is shown in the TikTok video making a convincing sales case for the 2022 Kia Sorento. Joe proudly lists the features of the car that made him decide to buy it, such as the 22-inch wheels, bucket seats, panoramic roofs, and dashboard that “looks like NASA.”

Big Joe Gambino is introduced by @Joe Gambino on AA2.
original sound Nicolas Heller

Gambino has previously personally endorsed the SUV, too. his TikTok videos ‘s one almost resembles an official advertising, with Joe asserting that the interior is like being “in outer space” and concluding with the assertion that you’d have to be “out of your mind” to not consider the vehicle.

According to Gambino, he has received criticism for driving a Sorento from someone who allegedly said, “What, I gotta drive a Cadillac or Mercedes because I gotta impress people?” He cited the Sorento as his preferred vehicle, stating Kia “has come a long way” and that it is a “wonderful ride.” He also makes it a point to say that, in his opinion, a Kia Sorento drives more smoothly than a Mercedes.

@joegambino2 original sound Joe Gambino Gambino replied, “It’s the car of cars,” when asked in an interview what the words “Kia Sorento” meant to him. In fact, the popular TikTok user frequently posts videos from his Sorento. Who knows what will convince Kia to consider Joe as head of its marketing department if this level of commitment to a single product doesn’t?


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