More premium features are being added to Snapchat’s paid subscription service. announced announced four new capabilities for customers of its $4 per month service in a blog post earlier this week. First, Snapchat users will now get access to Priority Story Replies, which will enhance their ability to respond to stories from well-known creators, or Snap Stars. Their comments will appear above those made by free users. They may have a better chance of being discovered by prominent artists or celebrities as a result.

The Post View Emoji is Snapchat’s upcoming addition, giving users a distinctive way to end their Snaps. The unique emoji you choose will be displayed to your friends right away once they watch a Snap you send them. Functionality-wise, this isn’t really useful, but it offers you something to be proud of.

The other new feature for Snapchat users is mostly concerned with bragging rights. For your Bitmoji avatar, you can choose from unique backgrounds like glittering gold or a tropical beach. There arent any modifications to your Bitmoji avatar itself. Last but not least, Snapchat is providing paying subscribers with more personalized app icons. You can choose from a variety of fresh designs for the Snapchat icon that will show up in the app drawer.

Snap priority replies are displayed in the advertisements

Snapchat priority replies

SNAPCHAT HAS MORE THAN A MILLION USERS CURRENTLY. In late June, Snapchat made its debut. At first, there were only a few limited special benefits available. For a fee, users can alter the app’s icon, view who re-watched their tale, and pin a buddy as their BFF at the top of their chat list. The service has had six months of operation, and this is the first significant feature drop during that time.

Snapchat has already attracted more than one million subscribers despite its restricted feature set. This represents strong platform growth. Its expansion could be further aided by this feature drop. The business promises to gradually broaden the subscription service’s global availability while adding new features in the upcoming months.

Advertisement Only nine nations have Snapchat during its initial introduction. The US, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates are some of these. The business has expanded the availability of its premium membership service to 16 additional nations over the last six weeks. India, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt, Israel, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Ireland, Belgium, Finland, and Austria are now also countries where Snapchat is accessible. In the upcoming months, the organization intends to grow into new nations.


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