Although you may expect a princess to travel in a more opulent vehicle, Diana was “a city girl at heart,” according to the auction house that is currently selling the car. Even though she had a soft spot for Fords, the cars she preferred were typically driven by average people. Princess Diana received a rather conventional-looking 1981 Ford Escort Ghia as an engagement present as a present from her future husband Charles, Prince of Wales, and she appeared to have adhered to the brand. Due to the fact that it was created specifically for her, the 1985 Ford Escort RS Turbo Series 1 is unique. It is the only 1985 Escort RS Turbo S1 with an all-black paint job. The additional models were all white.

Additionally, the vehicle included a radio in the glove box. Princess Diana always traveled with security, thus this was necessary. Ford changed the grille for one that was a touch more understated at her request, adding additional customisation. Overall, the finished product is a nice-looking car for the time, but it’s not a Ferrari or Porsche. This car might theoretically be driven by someone with modest financial means.

The Princess of Wales only owned the vehicle from 1988 for three years. Then, having driven only 6,800 miles, she gave it back to Ford. Over the years, it changed ownership a few times, but since 1994 it has been owned by the same person, who also didn’t drive it frequently. With 24,961 miles total on the odometer, the vehicle is safe to drive. The eventual cost of this tiny piece of British Royal Family history is yet uncertain.


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