The Google Pixel Watch will not be inexpensive, contrary to what you might have hoped. The Pixel Watch will cost a lot of money, according to the surfaced online pricing information.

THE PRICING OF THE PIXEL WATCH JUST SURFACED, MAKING IT CLEAR THAT THE WATCH WON’T BE CHEAP First and foremost, it’s important to note that the watch is available in LTE and Wi-Fi only versions. Google made the announcement back in May at Google I/O. According to information from a source with knowledge of the situation, the watch’s LTE version will now cost $399.

Naturally, this will be the item’s pricing in the US. 9to5 However, Google does warn that the price can change before the launch. Additionally, it mentions that carrier agreements will lower the cost.

Advertisement How much is the competitor charging? The Wi-Fi only edition of the Apple Watch Series 7 is actually the least expensive at $399. Therefore, the Pixel Watch will at least be less expensive than Apple’s option.

HOW DOES IT RELATE TO SAMSUNG’S AVAILABILITY? The cost of the Galaxy Watch 5 is $279, while the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is $449. (Wi-Fi only models). These two LTE-enabled watches are priced at $329 and $449, respectively, whereas the Apple Watch Series 7 LTE costs $499.

Therefore, it appears that the Pixel Watch LTE will be more expensive than its Apple and Samsung counterparts (at least the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro), albeit not significantly.

Advertisement But it’s still unclear whether these prices will be true. Take this information with a grain of salt because the price may vary significantly before the debut.

When will the Pixel Watch be released? Well, it will debut alongside its smartphone siblings, as many of you predicted. In October, the Pixel Watch will launch alongside the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro.

Although Google hasn’t confirmed anything, it is believed that those two gadgets will be on sale on October 6. To be certain, we’ll need to wait a little longer.



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