Activision just this week unveiled Call of Duty Warzone: Mobile, and right now you can pre-register for the game over on Google Play. We predicted that the game would still be a ways off after the announcement because it’s unclear how far along the studio is in its development.

The debut of Call of Duty Warzone: Mobile on Android is already pre-registrable, so perhaps it’s closer than we think. It’s also important to mention that Activision conducted a closed beta test for the game in May under the name Project Aurora. The publisher has also stated that it would be revealing additional information about the game at its Call of Duty: Next showcase, which begins at 10 a.m. PT. Having said that, there is a probability that Activision will reveal the game’s release date at this occasion.

PRESCRIBE FOR A CALL TO DUTY Mobile for a chance at early access to Warzone Similar to the majority of pre-registration Android games, Warzone Mobile may grant you early access if you pre-register. However, there is no assurance that doing so will provide you early access. Furthermore, it’s unclear if Activision will actually grant access in this manner. You can pre-register for a chance at early access, according to the Play Store. Therefore, there is no excuse not to if you want the chance to test the game before it becomes live. Whatever the case may be.

Advertisement Pre-registration is also advantageous for another reason. Rewards. According to Activision, pre-registration bonuses will be distributed to gamers after the game’s global release. The prizes have not been made public, and Activision may decide to do so for the time being. It’s likely that at least some of them will be worthwhile, though.

And if you’re going to play Warzone Mobile, you might as well get some free stuff. Because you never know when they might come in handy. You can use the button below or the game’s official page on the Play Store to pre-register.



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