Later this year, Google plans to introduce its first smartwatch. The introduction of the Pixel Watch is scheduled for this fall, and the company announced its existence at Google I/O in May. The Fitbit app has started clearing space for the wearable in preparation for its release. The preparations were revealed in a recent APK deconstruction of the app by 9to5Google , which also hinted to the watch’s fairly short battery life.

Battery life of a rumored pixel watch is unimpressive. The current allegation states that the Fitbit app version 3.65 has in-app language relating to reminders about charging the Pixel Watch at night. Receive a notification prior to your desired bedtime If your Pixel Watch battery is too low, the text in the message informs you. It’s a toggle that, when turned on, will remind you to charge the watch before going to bed so you have enough juice to use it all through the night.

The alert will advise you that it is time to charge your watch. To track a full night’s sleep, your device should be at least 30% charged. The battery life of the Pixel Watch doesn’t seem to be that excellent, assuming that Google means a full night’s sleep of roughly eight hours. The watch will only function for eight hours on a 30% charge. This implies a battery life of roughly 24 hours, which is consistent with past rumors. That is much, much less battery life than Samsung’s recently released Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, which has a battery life of 80 hours. The Galaxy Watch 5 is said to last twice as long as the Pixel Watch, even in its tiniest form.

Advertisement Obviously, this is simply conjecture. Google’s initial smartwatch may still have a longer battery life. Perhaps the reminder is provided for peace of mind. After all, the wearable has reportedly been in development for years. Therefore, the corporation ought to have improved the product in most respects by this point. However, it’s not entirely comforting to think that users could require a reminder to charge their watches every night. These reminder features are not available on Fitbit smartwatches. Aiming for the best, let’s.

Google is about to release its first smartwatch. Along with the Pixel 7 line of smartphones, the Pixel Watch will debut this fall. Although Google hasn’t formally disclosed a launch date for new goods, there are rumors that they may do so next month. Another sign of an impending launch is the discovery of a Pixel Watch reference in the Fitbit app. In the upcoming weeks, we should learn more about Google’s upcoming hardware presentation.


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