Phonearena (via Axios ) reports that Gmail no longer wants to send political campaign emails to the spam bin and instead wants to place them in your inbox.

Our inboxes are overrun with emails from candidate campaigns during election season. They either advocate their ideas or seek for a vote. These emails are as useless as the promises made by the candidates, and they have no place other than the garbage. Gmail typically moves emails from political campaigns to the spam bin, but it appears that it wants to try something different this time.

The article claims that Google recently requested approval from the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to avoid sending political campaign emails to spam folders.

Advertisement Political campaign emails will avoid spam filters in Gmail. In other words, emails sent by officially recognized candidates, political parties, and leadership PACs that are registered with the FEC will show up in your inbox and can get past spam filters. Naturally, Google asserts that these emails must adhere to the organization’s phishing, malware, and unlawful content regulations.

In addition, you shouldn’t be upset by the news because Google doesn’t want to clog your inbox with pointless emails. According to the business, it asks users if they want to receive more emails from the campaign. Following the users’ approval, additional emails will be sent. You have the option to later revoke your agreement and reject the program.

We don’t filter emails based on political affiliation, but we do want Gmail to offer a great experience for all of our users, which includes reducing unnecessary emails, according to a Google spokeswoman.

Advertisement It’s also intriguing to learn why Google decided to cease putting campaign emails in the spam folder. Republican leadership requested further information this month on the operation of email platform filters. In addition, the party opposes labeling legitimate campaign emails as spam when individuals request to receive them.

Google is already facing criticism for classifying approximately 70% of Republican campaign emails sent during the 2020 elections as spam. However, the corporation claims that people labeled those emails as spam since the algorithms didn’t do it.


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