One of Verizon’s most affordable network access options recently became more expensive for consumers who maxed out the friends-with-rate-benefits option.

On Wednesday, Visible, a Verizon-owned virtual network provider, changed its rate structure. It no longer offers the $40 Visible Unlimited plan; instead, it now offers the $30 Visible Plan (Opens in a new window) with the same basic features, including unlimited data, mobile hotspot without a data limitation but limited to 5Mbps on a single device, on Verizon’s 4G and low-band 5G Nationwide networks. The price remains the same and includes taxes and levies, making the new plan one of the most affordable for unlimited data.

Customers on Visible Unlimited have until Oct. 18 (Opens in a new window) to choose into it and preserve their lower prices as long as they remain on that plan, but Visible is closing its Party Pay group discount (Opens in a new window) in exchange.

By signing up jointly with friends, relatives, or complete strangers and having Visible bill each participant separately, Party Pay allowed users to reduce their expenses. Instead of paying $40, two persons would pay $35 each, three would pay $30 each, and four or more would pay $25 each.

According to Visibles’ post, our members enjoyed the savings but didn’t like the hoops they had to jump through to acquire them.


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Additionally, Verizon’s faster C-band and millimeter-wave 5G, which the service and its parent company collectively refer to as Ultrawide Band 5G, as well as 50GB of a Premium Network Experience are being added to Visible’s new $45 Visible package. Free roaming in Canada and Mexico, 500 minutes of monthly voice calling from the US to 30 countries, and unlimited messaging from the US to 200 countries are additional perks offered by Visible.

As of Wednesday afternoon, an help document about international service (Opens in a new window) referred to a database that did not exist that listed the countries, so we do not yet know which ones they are.

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