Constant notifications can be extremely annoying. We do, however, offer a remedy if you’re experiencing that issue on your Android phone. We’re discussing an application called Notification Blocker.

On your phone, the TIDYPANEL app makes it simple to hide persistent notifications. The sole function of the program TidyPanel is to provide you control over persistent alerts. The charging notification or any other persistent notification can be removed for you with ease using this app.

When it comes to persistent notifications, certain OEMs are noticeably worse than others. Such alerts are common on Samsung cellphones. Some of you probably are, even if the majority of people are probably not bothered by them.

Advertisement This software, TidyPanel, is really basic. To permanently conceal a notification, all you need to do is open the TidyPanel app, locate the notification you want to hide, and select the Body or Title options. The remainder is handled by the app.

From the same app, you can quickly bring it back as well. The persistent notice you choose to conceal will be displayed in the app’s Hidden Notifications area, making it simple to find.

THE APP’S PAID VERSION DOES HAVE ITS BENEFITS. One thing to keep in mind is that the persistent notification could not display again for several hours. But that procedure will go much more quickly if you upgrade to the paid edition of the app.

Advertisement Another thing to keep in mind is that only two persistent alerts can be hidden in the app’s free edition. You can hide as many using the paid version as you’d like.

The Pro version offers you some additional advantages. If you’re concerned about battery life, you shouldn’t be because this app doesn’t appear to use much power. The effect is actually fairly negligible.

View the official photos below for a closer look at the user interface of the apps. Click the link or button provided below the article if you’re interested in trying out the app.


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