This week, Google is expanding the availability of its Wallet program, which may be a little complicated, to additional nations. That is based on the most recent reports after no fewer than six new nations were included in Google’s official list.

To be clear, this is the Google Wallet, formerly Google Pay. Over the previous few years, Google has changed the name a few times before changing it again. A limited time was spent as Android Pay before it was combined with Wallet to form the Pay app. That has undoubtedly prevented the app from rising to the top of the list of money management apps available. And that’s before the most recent modification, which restored the Wallet branding.

But thanks to recent changes, the app is now accessible in more places than ever before and appears more unified than before. The addition of support for digital vehicle keys, vaccination cards, and other items is not the least important. Additionally, it appears that government-issued digital ID cards and licenses will soon be added. whereas the latter is designed in particular to assist passengers at airport TSA checkpoints.

Advertisement WHERE CAN I GET GOOGLE WALLET RIGHT NOW? Of course, the new availability of this app comes with at least one restriction. The app will continue to be known as Google Pay even though it is now functional in Azerbaijan, Iceland, Moldova, Qatar, Serbia, and South Africa.

Additionally, WearOS smartwatches in the additional territories do not support the app. As a result, users of watches will still need to use their phones instead of wrist-mounted devices for the time being. Other than that, the newly added territories now enable payments, boarding passes, digital IDs, and other Wallet capabilities.

The modification boosts the overall number of nations supported by the updated app to 45. More nations, particularly those in unsupported regions, will probably be added over time, as is typically the case.


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