One of the leading businesses in artificial intelligence development is Google. It therefore employs its AI expertise for the majority of its services. Due to the problem, the firm barred one parent from accessing their Google account since he was required to snap images of his child for medical reasons.

The New York Times ( 9To5Google ) reports that this event occurred in the beginning of 2021. In order for the father, whose name is reportedly Mark, to determine the ailment his son was experiencing, he had to give a doctor pictures of his son’s medical records. These pictures were of his son’s crotch region.

Google locked the parent out of his account because of these images. As you can expect, Google did not like these pictures, and around two days later, Mark received a message that his account had been locked. From that point on, as Mark attempted to retrieve his data, the scenario just got worse. To begin with, Google rejected his attempt to contest the modification since it had already made up its mind. The case was then taken to San Francisco, where it was confirmed to Google that the photographs were legal.

Advertisement Google refused to reinstate his account even after the SFPD contacted them over the pictures. It was out of the question to file a lawsuit against the corporation because doing so would have cost roughly $7,000.

FOR ANYONE WHO HAS A GOOGLE ACCOUNT, THAT IS BAD For everyone who relies on a Google Account, this is a bad situation. In the tech sector, Google has grown to be a dominant player. One account can access a variety of services, including a cloud service, office program, email client, YouTube account, chat program, password storage service, and more. A person’s career or life can be significantly disrupted if they lose access to their Google account.

Google needs to address this problem if it doesn’t want to get a negative reputation. We don’t know if the business will ever permit Mark to use his account again. We also don’t know if he managed to create a different account for use.


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