The photographs appear to contradict some earlier claims that claimed a significant overhaul and show something that is remarkably similar to the current-generation iPad in appearance. The leaked tablet rendering displays the soft corners and trademark Apple design that make the iPad so recognizable. The screen’s top bezel is thick, the front camera is positioned there, and a Touch ID sensor is located at the bottom. The front of the gadget essentially ends there, however the other sides of the device have extra information.

A single camera is included on the rear of the 10th-generation iPad render, which is to be expected for a budget model. Through the inclusion of an LED flash and a camera island, the tablet appears to have undergone a noticeable upgrade from the current-generation model. Additionally, we can see what appears to be a quad-speaker system with outputs on the tablet’s top and bottom. The volume adjustment buttons are located on the side, and there is a power button tucked away on the top. The display is anticipated to be bigger than the present iPad, with dimensions of roughly 9.7 x 7 x 0.27 inches.

Even though everything here sounds rather tasty, it’s difficult to not be frustrated by the dearth of details regarding the charging port. Will Apple remain with the Lighting port or switch to the (far more universal) USB-C as alleged in a leak earlier this summer? This has been the subject of considerable speculation. The latter is what many people are hoping for, but until Apple clarifies this with the formal announcement, we won’t know for sure.


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