started rolling out is a brand-new upgrade for the Nothing Phone (1) that includes numerous camera enhancements. The update, which is designated as v1.1.3, includes camera-related upgrades as well as performance enhancements and bug fixes. There has also been a new functionality implemented.

A NEW NOTHING PHONE’S (1) CAMERA HAS BEEN UPDATED, A NEW FEATURE HAS BEEN ADDED, AND MORE So let’s start by discussing the new functionality. Nothing changed the ability to activate Google’s Adaptive Battery, which proactively maximizes battery life. The fingerprint verification user interface for third-party apps was also updated by the business.

There are a lot of entries here that deal with cameras. Images won’t automatically be optimized for color and brightness when utilizing glyphs. The selfie camera’s picture clarity was also upgraded by the business.

Advertisement Both Night Mode shooting and HDR photo processing are now quicker. Using the ultrawide camera now results in richer colors as the firm increased the saturation.

Using the zoom option should also result in less noise and more clarity. The camera lenses are the subject of the final entry on cameras. You will now receive reminders to clean the camera lenses from the Nothing Phone (1).

Additionally, issues with apps stuttering have been fixed. Nothing also fixed several problems with the gadget. Stuttering should no longer be present in applications like Twitter, Play Store, and so on. Now, the portable hotspot ought to operate correctly always.

Advertisement If there was a problem with the lockscreen before, there shouldn’t be one now. After pressing on a notice and attempting to use finger unlock, the lock screen crashed. Only a select few people experienced it, of course.

Nothing also included generic bug fixes, in addition to minor UI refinements.

This update is 64.33 MB in size and is being distributed wirelessly (OTA). Please be aware that this is a staged update and that not all devices will receive it at the same time.

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Nothing Phone 1 v1 1 3 update



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