What should you do if the storage space on your Samsung smartphone is full? Do you purchase a new phone? In fact, you could. You may also simply empty some of that storage, though. It’s conceivable that some big files taking up a lot of room are unnecessary. We’ll demonstrate to you today how to declutter and free up storage on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

There is no need to worry about whether these techniques will function on the most recent Galaxy S smartphone because they will operate on all Samsung Galaxy phones. And no additional apps are required for this. Even while the Files by Google app is useful, it is not required.

Here is how to increase storage on your Samsung Galaxy phone without further ado.

Advertisement STORAGE FREEZING TECHNIQUES FOR YOUR SAMSUNG GALAXY SMARTPHONE You may basically free up storage on your smartphone in two different methods. Utilizing Samsung’s inbuilt Storage Booster, which will automatically free up some storage for you, is the first option. deleting items such as zip files, duplicate photos, etc. The other is to carry it out by hand. We’ll walk you through completing both of these so you can decide which approach to utilize.

It’s crucial to remember that not all smartphones have the Samsung Storage Booster built in; newer devices don’t. However, it is still available for download from the major app shops.

STORAGE BOOSTER FOR SAMSUNG You must download the Samsung Storage Booster from the Samsung app store in order to access it. With One UI, sadly, it is no longer a part of the operating system.

Advertisement With Storage Booster, you may choose to erase duplicate photos, zip files, extracted APKs, and more. You can also choose to relocate programs to the SD card. Additionally, you should enable Auto Delete unneeded files, which can help you save a significant amount of storage over time. This can be executed daily, weekly, once every 15 days, or once per month. Additionally, you’ll be informed if this occurs.

However, you can choose to do it manually if you don’t want to download the Samsung Storage Booster (on newer phones). which, in any case, some people could choose.

MANUALLY You should go to the storage screen if you wish to manually clean out storage. How to do it:

Advertisement Access Settings. Screenshot 20220907 083223 Settings Medium”>

Screenshot 20220907 083223 Settings Medium

Press the Battery and device care button. Screenshot 20220907 083226 Device care Medium,

Screenshot 20220907 083226 Device care Medium

” Tap on Storage next. Screenshot 20220907 083230 My Files Medium,

Screenshot 20220907 083230 My Files Medium

” alt=”” From there, you may clean out each category and see what is taking up your storage. You can go through and remove those images and videos, for instance, if you have backed up all of your media to Google Photos. That can also significantly reduce storage needs. To accomplish this, tap the three dots in the corner, choose Edit, and then tap Done. Press the delete button at the bottom of the page after choosing the photographs you want to remove.

Screenshot 20220907 082937 My Files Medium,

Screenshot 20220907 082937 My Files Medium

” alt=””

Videos, music files, papers, installation files, and more can all be done in this way. You will now be prompted to grant the My Files app access to read your apps when it comes to apps. You can then sort by which apps use the most data. Alternately, you may order by most recently used. This is useful because you can scroll to the bottom and eliminate any apps that you seldom ever use. By doing this, you can free up some space.

Screenshot 20220907 083216 Settings Medium”>Advertisement

Screenshot 20220907 083216 Settings Medium

Additionally, Trash is located near the bottom of the storage screen and displays items that have been marked for deletion but have not yet been erased. To regain some space, empty the garbage. Then, a location for large files is present. To view the huge files on your phone that you can erase, tap on that. Videos would often fit this bill because they are the biggest.

With, an app that is accessible on the Google Play Store, you can also do all of this and a little bit more. But doing this is a simple approach to make room on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Advertisement ROUTINELY CLEAN OUT YOUR STORAGE It’s wise to regularly purge your storage, whether that’s once a week, twice monthly, or once monthly. This is a smart idea because things can accumulate and you might run out of storage space before you know it. It’s never a good idea to use up all of your storage since then you won’t have any space left for photos or last-minute app downloads, and it can even slow down your phone. Phones operate more slowly when all of the storage space is used, just as they do when all of the RAM is being used. So be sure to periodically review your storage.

You should clean your smartphone on a regular basis, just like you clean your home periodically for spring cleaning and again in the fall after the summer. Your life will become more simpler as a result.

However, we would caution you against using some of the available cache cleansing programs. Some of them include malware and might harm your device. Fortunately, most Android manufacturers include a method for deleting data from the phone’s storage. You might also use the Google app. which, while not the best, still accomplishes the task.


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