The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4’s Pop-Up View gives the device a slightly more laptop-replacement vibe. enabling you to open numerous app windows in various sizes on your primary display.

We’ve already covered how to make all of your apps on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 use Pop-Up View. We’ll now go through a gesture that makes it much simpler to add apps to Pop-Up View. Basically, to open an app in Pop-Up View, swipe down from a corner. And that’s what we’ll be demonstrating for you today.

Therefore, we’ll cover both how to enable and then use this functionality in this article. Consequently, you will be able to make the most of your new Galaxy Z Fold 4. Here is how to swipe for Pop-Up View on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 without further ado.

Advertisement THE GALAXY Z FOLD 4: POP-UP VIEW SWIPE INSTRUCTIONS You must first enable this option in Settings.
Open the Settings app, then.
Tap on Advanced Features after scrolling down to it.
Advertisement then click Labs.
Screenshot 20220829 090326 Settings Medium”>

Screenshot 20220829 090326 Settings Medium

You can now toggle on the option to swipe for pop-up view near the bottom of that screen.
Screenshot 20220829 090326 Settings Medium”>Advertisement

Screenshot 20220829 090326 Settings Medium

You may now swipe from the corner to open Pop-Up View after turning that on.

HOW TO SWIPE FOR A POP-UP VIEW IN REAL LIFE You can now swipe down from the corner to open Pop-Up View after turning on the functionality.

Screenshot 20220829 090341 Settings Medium”>Advertisement

Screenshot 20220829 090341 Settings Medium

Simply swipe down from the upper-left or right corner of the screen to the app’s desired size. That’s it. Now you are in the app’s Pop-Up View. If you choose to close it, a larger icon will still be visible in the top-right corner of the screen. Therefore, it is simple to reopen it as a Pop Up window.

That’s it.


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