In Genshin Impact 3.1, the deserts of Sumeru are calling, and if you want to brave the desolate region, you’ll need to be prepared. The next patch for HoYoverse’s wildly popular open-world anime RPG was formally revealed this morning. It also has a lot to live up to as the first significant content release after the release of the substantial patch 3.0.

Players of Genshin Impact visited the newest zone in the game’s constantly expanding universe, Sumeru, with patch 3.0. This made some of the game’s most beautiful locations accessible. By widening the desert region in Genshin Impact 3.1, the new zone will get more room for users to explore. Additionally, Sumeru’s deserts provide a very distinct picture on the entire region. As you exchange the lush, green jungles for sand-filled, windswept oceans.

Dendro, the final elemental vision, was also added in Patch 3.0. While there won’t be anything similar in version 3.1, there will still be new characters to discover and the Sumeru plot will continue to expand.


When patch 3.1 is released, those who have already finished the Sumeru archon tale will have the opportunity to witness what occurs next. HoYoverse clearly does not reveal every detail of the plot, but it does provide some broad strokes. Il Dottore and Scaramouche, two Fatui Harbingers, are among the factions the company predicts will start to manifest.

Additionally, two new mechanical boss foes will be introduced for players to try and defeat. The Aeonblight Drake boss, which can be encountered exploring a specific area of Sumeru’s jungle, will also be available for players to attempt.


At least one new playable character is introduced with every new patch. There will be three in patch 3.1. One Electro user and two Hydro users. Nilou, a 5-star Hydro sword user who blends dance and sword attacks, is the first brand-new character. Another 5-star, General Mahamatra Cyno, who uses the Electro vision and a polearm, is the second new character.

Advertisement Candace is the last person. A second Hydro vision user with a 4-star polearm. When players can attempt to pick up Nilou as part of the same wish event, HoYoverse will also reintroduce Albedo. Nilou and Albedo, however, won’t be accessible until the second patch. Players will first have the option to purchase Cyno, Candace, and a repeat of Venti.

You can check some of the stuff in the official trailer up there and learn more about the new patch in HoYoverses official blog post .


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