Even though it has limitations, Twitter is now allowing users to modify their tweets. The business is now testing this feature with its Twitter Blue subscribers, with a public launch anticipated soon. Casey Newton now claims that on September 21st, Twitter may roll out the Edit Tweet button to additional users.

Twitter has been working on an edit button since last year, but we only learned about it in the beginning of this year. Due to its policy of modifying what you post online, the corporation was reluctant to comply. Nevertheless, this feature is currently being tested.

ON SEPTEMBER 21ST, MORE USERS COULD GET THE EDIT TWEET BUTTON Twitter is currently testing this function on a small sample size. Although we are unsure of how large the testing population is, we do know that it is rather small. However, Casey Newton tweeted that the business might be enlarging its testing audience on September 21.

Advertisement Twitter will be releasing this function to the general public, according to the message, but don’t get your hopes up just yet. by public, He’s referring to the test’s expansion to more Twitter Blue users, according XDA Developers. This indicates that you can still edit your tweets for $4.99. You can find all the information you need here if you’re interested in using this service.

When the feature will be available to free users is still a mystery. We still don’t have an approximate timeframe from Twitter.

WORKINGS OF THIS FEATURE There are some limitations that you must consider while modifying your tweet after it has been posted. You will only have 30 minutes to edit your tweet, to start. After you post a tweet, a counter will appear on it.

Advertisement Additionally, you can only change your tweet up to five times before time runs out. That should be sufficient to eliminate the common typos.

Additionally, even after editing a tweet, the original version will still be seen by everyone, allowing them to see what you originally tweeted. Therefore, when the function is released to the general public, there are specific guidelines that you must abide by. It’s still preferable to not being able to edit tweets at all.


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