On September 20, Windows 11 will receive a significant update. This upgrade, which the reports refers to as 22H2, adds various new features to the OS.

Microsoft is working hard to make Windows 11, the newest version of its operating system, stand out. Since the OS’s first release on October 5, 2021, it has seen some revisions. On September 20, Microsoft will instead roll out a big OS update.

Like every version, the 22H2 offers some performance upgrades. However, it also includes new capabilities like drag and drop on the taskbar, app folders in the Start menu, and new touch gestures and animations.

Advertisement Microsoft enhances the 22H2 upgrade with Live Captions capabilities to make it more engaging. People who are hard of hearing or deaf are able to understand the playing videos thanks to the feature. Windows 11 will also include a new Voice Access tool that will enable users to operate their devices using voice commands.

A brand-new, significant update for Windows 11 is coming. These features are not the only ones that Windows 11 22H2 souvenirs can add. The Task Manager area has also undergone a revamp by Microsoft. A dark mode, a redesigned layout with a command bar, and an efficiency mode that lets you find and restrict resource-hungry programs are all part of the updated design. For greater efficiency, Microsoft completely redesigned Snap Layouts in the 22H2 upgrade.

Windows 11 will receive additional updates this year in addition to the one scheduled for September 20. Later this year, the OS will also receive a new upgrade that includes tabs for the File Explorer and a new Suggested Actions feature.

Advertisement Do not pass up this latest update if your device qualifies. On September 20, check your Windows Update section for availability.

At the 10th anniversary of its Surface brand, Microsoft also intends to introduce fresh-new tech goods. Although we don’t yet know what they are, they will probably debut alongside Windows 11 22H2. All Windows 11 users will be able to download the 22H2 update for free when it becomes available this Fall.


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