Another of HONOR’s smartphones is about to be on sale on confirmed , and this one has a very unique design. The device in issue is the HONOR X40, and it will be available on September 15.

The Honor X40, which has an intriguing design, will debut on September 14th. Due to the fact that the smartphone will arrive in China on that day, HONOR made that statement via the Chinese social media platform Weibo. The manufacturer’s teaser graphic featured a sizable circle that alluded to the rear camera’s layout.

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Advertisement By a tipper named Abhishek Yadav, the phone itself was identified as also surfaced around the same time. Renders of the phone may be found in several of the images in the gallery below the article.

These images suggest that the HONOR X40 will have consistent bezels. Not many phones have been able to accomplish this. For instance, both the Pixel 5 and the new iPhone 14 Pro models have uniform bezels. Due of the notch, which is essentially a part of the bezel, we are not considering earlier iPhone models.

However, that isn’t the only intriguing aspect of this design. Additionally, you’ll see a sizable circle on the back whose color contrasts with the hue of the phone. Within that circle are the phone’s cameras.

Advertisement DESIGN-WISE, IT WILL BE A MAJOR IMPROVEMENT OVER THE HONOR X30. The phone will be a vast improvement over the HONOR X30 if it actually does wind up looking like this. That phone had a very noticeable bottom bezel and a back camera that was shaped in a circular fashion, which looked even worse.

As you can see, the HONOR X40 will likewise include a curved display and a camera hole in the center of the display. The phone will have proportionate front and back surfaces, and the rear will have the HONORs logo.

On the right side are all the physical buttons, and the package will also have an in-display fingerprint scanner. The actual phone will probably be constructed of glass and metal. We still lack any specification details.


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