Sony continues to produce its Xperia smartphones despite the fact that they have essentially become a niche product. The business has just booked a YouTube video to tease a new event. This might be the Xperia 5 IV’s official announcement.

The lack of broad appeal for the Sony Xperia phones isn’t always a bad thing. The user experience with the camera on these phones is their main priority. They are incredibly pricey, dwarfing the Galaxy S Ultras and iPhones of the world because they are such a niche brand.

On September 1st, THE XPERIA 5 IV ANNOUNCEMENT COULD TAKE PLACE. Sony has recently made a new scheduled video on YouTube announcing a forthcoming event for the firm (via GSM Arena ). The show is slated to debut on September 1 at 4 PM Japan time (3 am EST). Even though the firm declined to reveal what it would announce, we already know it would be a phone.

Advertisement The thumbnail depicts a person clutching what appears to be a phone. The phone in the image has a similar shape to the standard Sony Xperia phone. There isn’t much else we can learn about the picture than that.

The model’s grip on the phone is the sole additional detail. They appear to be utilizing the camera from the manner they are holding the phone. We might therefore infer that Sony will stick to its habit of emphasizing the camera experience on these phones. Other than that, information on this phone is not very abundant.

Speculations are all we currently have. It is anticipated that the Xperia 5 IV will employ the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC. Unfortunately, we are unaware of the RAM and storage setup. We anticipate this phone to have three 12MP camera sensors on the back in terms of the camera package. These might be comparable to the Xperia 5 III’s camera. If you like these phones, you should put a reminder on your calendar.


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