Tidal is a rather specialized service among the many music streaming services available. While this is true, only iOS users have access to its coveted early access program. Currently, Tidal is expanding the early access program to Android, according to 9To5Google .

If you are unfamiliar with Tidal, it is a music streaming service that prioritizes excellent music. The top tier allows the customer access to insanely high-quality music that has a bitrate of up to 9216 kbps. HiFi audio, Sony 360 Reality Audio, and Dolby Atmos are further options. It is unquestionably for music lovers who demand the best audio quality.

You have access to more than 450,000 videos in addition to more than 90 million tunes. There are plenty additional options, but keep in mind that they require the $19.99/month premium. Check out the cheaper tiers that are available by clicking here here .

Advertisement ANDROID WILL GET THE TIDAL EARLY ACCESS PROGRAM People prefer to test out new things before they officially launch, therefore Tidal offers an early access beta program. Investors in the top-tier plan receive an email with information about the beta program. You will have the opportunity to test out new items before anyone else in the program does. You’ve been out of luck, though, if you use an Android device. The program is only open to residents of iOS land.

Luckily, that is going to change. The official article states that Tidal will soon make it available for Android users. We don’t know when the program will be available for Android phones. We’re all used to services and applications coming to iOS first and Android second. Even Google apps, of all things, occasionally experience this.

Consider purchasing the premium tier subscription for the service if you want to be at the forefront of new features. A free tier and a $9.99/month tier are also available. But those won’t let you participate in the beta program.


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