Firefox 104 has been made available for Android by Mozilla. Address autofill, a function that Google Chrome, the browser’s arch-rival, has long had, is now included in the most recent release. Once saved, the address will be automatically retrieved by the browser whenever necessary.

ADDRESS AUTOFILL COMES TO FIREFOX 104 Under the Autofill menu in Settings, a new option to save an address has been added in Firefox 104. It allows you to input a comprehensive postal address that includes your entire name, contact information, and email. When your address is requested by a website, Firefox will display a prompt with a one-tap button once you’ve saved it. Your address can always be modified or changed using the same Settings menu.

This is a useful feature for a browser to have. It has been present in Google Chrome for more than two years. However, Mozilla has consistently required Firefox users to carefully type their addresses into online forms each time they are required to. Finally, the firm is releasing them from their suffering. If you prefer to type your addresses by hand, you still have the option to turn off address autofill.

Advertisement More methods to remove your browsing history have been added in the most recent Firefox release. Now, you have the option of only erasing the last hour or the previous two days’ worth of information. This is an additional choice to the one that already exists for erasing the complete browsing history.

This update includes various bug fixes as normal. According to Mozilla, the problem where the browser would crash when opening a link from an external program has been fixed. If you use LastPass as your password manager, you might have observed that Firefox’s autofill prompt was in the wrong position. This positioning mistake is corrected in version 104, and the widget now correctly sits below the login form.

Other minor flaws with the microphone, GPU blocklist, and HTTPS-only errors have also been resolved by Mozilla. The business has also improved its performance in some ways. You can view the complete changelog here .

Advertisement A few new features are also being added to the desktop version. On the desktop, Firefox 104 is also accessible and comes with a few noteworthy upgrades. First off, while streaming material on Disney in Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode, the browser now displays subtitles. Performance and battery life have also been improved. To control the use of system resources, Firefox will assess the power consumption of websites and restrict Firefox UI. The same throttling is also used for browser background tabs.

You can now get Firefox for Android’s most recent update from the Google Play Store (link below). The new desktop version is also available for download from the official website .



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