Call Of Duty: Warzone Mobile was recently made public by Activision along with a brief teaser trailer. Although the developer is withholding any information, players will soon be able to learn more. The mobile version of Call of Duty: Warzone will be a pretty accurate adaptation of the game’s PC and console versions. Additionally, it is entirely distinct from the battle royale mode that is already offered in Call of Duty: Mobile.

Despite the game’s official announcement taking place last week, Activision had already hinted at its impending release. Back in March, it made a recruitment announcement for the team of developers that would be working on the future game. The release had no official name at the time. However, the firm did disclose that the game was being developed only for mobile platforms. And that it would accomplish this utilizing state-of-the-art technology.



The Warzone Mobile teaser is the one and only teaser that truly captures the essence of the word. Before fading to the title screen, the brief 9-second clip (which you can view above) just shows the plane that players in the original game used to drop into the area. That’s it.

Advertisement However, Activision does want to provide additional details this week regarding Warzone Mobile. COD On Thursday, September 15—next—events take place. The developer reveals that Warzone Mobile will take part in that occasion. However, that is all Activision has to say about the game.

What information Activision intends to release is still unknown. Players really don’t know much about the game because the studio hasn’t revealed anything about it since March before the teaser. Therefore, Activision might not reveal every aspect of Warzone Mobile this week. And given that there is also no indication of how far along development is, that seems particularly likely.

Activision, for instance, probably wouldn’t care much if the game wasn’t supposed to come out this year.


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