Good news for Switch and Joy-Con controller users: Valve will shortly add the Joy-Cons to Steam (via The Verge ). There is some setup required, but you can purchase a pair of Joy-Cons to use with Steam games even if you don’t own a Switch and just like them.

Only the most recent Steam beta client has access to the support at this time. which, as of August 4, 2022, was formally issued. Therefore, you must be running the beta version if you want to test out the new functionality right away.

STEAM JOY-CON SUPPORT WORKS SINGULARLY OR IN A PAIR The newly added support functions in two different ways depending on how you like to use your Joy-Cons. They can be configured to be used in tandem. However, depending on the game, that can require some more configuration. One controller can also function as a small gamepad.

Advertisement If you want to check out the Joy-Con compatibility right away, you may take part in the Steam beta test. If you don’t want to experiment with beta software, Valve will ultimately provide Joy-Con support to Steam for stable users.

However, Valve doesn’t provide a specific release date for it. Additionally, it might take a bit longer given that this was only recently implemented as a part of the August 4 beta. It’s a relatively easy process to take part in the beta.

Launch the Steam client first. Next, select the Steam button located at the top of the UI. In a new window that appears once you click settings, your account settings will be highlighted. Click the “change” dropdown under “Beta Participation” to make changes. A second dropdown will appear in a new, smaller window. To switch from disabling all beta updates to disabling the Steam Beta Update option, click that.

Advertisement You will then be requested to restart Steam after clicking OK. That’s it. Along with adding support for Joy-Con, Valve has also enhanced support for Nintendo Online Classic controllers.


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