Discord previously stated that its voice chat would be made available to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One users this year, but it made no mention of a release date. It appears that today is the releasing day! Your wait is ended if you play Xbox games and were hoping to utilize Discord soon (because we all know it’s better than normal console voice chat).

Discord is officially confirming for today’s introduction of the audio chat functionality on Xbox. to keep in touch with buddies who could be playing the same game on a PC. Hey, we understand. Because it is nearby, console chat may occasionally be simpler. And up until the introduction of the Discord voice chat feature, that was basically the only straightforward and effective choice available to Xbox players.

However, you can now synchronize your Discord calls with Xbox to control how you speak. Since not everyone chooses to play video games on a console, this simply gives players additional options.

Advertisement XBOX DISCORD VOICE CHAT REQUIRES SOME SETUP Even though you can now utilize Discord voice chat on your console, it is not as easy to join or start a call as it is on the PC and mobile versions. There is some preliminary work to do. However, after the setup is complete, you only need to utilize it once more. You must link your Discord account to your Xbox account before you can proceed. This can be done with relative ease from the settings/connections menu on the desktop, mobile, and web apps.

You’ll need to have the Xbox mobile app downloaded to your phone after the two accounts are linked. The mobile app and your console must also be connected. After that, utilize the Discord software to join a call. Then press the Xbox join button. By doing this, the Xbox mobile app will open. After that, press the transfer audio option to send the call to your Xbox.

Every time, you must start the call in Discord and then transfer it. But only one account linking will be required. So, overall, it was a quick and easy process.

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