You may need to be cautious when installing an RTX 4090 graphics card in your PC if you recently purchased one.
Two RTX 4090 buyers claim on Reddit that their graphics card’s power cord recently melted while they were playing games.

The issue, which has to do with the 12VHPWR cable required to supply enough power to Nvidia’s most potent gaming GPU, is shown in the customers (Opens in a new window) and posted (Opens in a new window) photographs illustrating the issue. As you can see, the plastic covering the Nvidia-branded 12VHPWR connector melted and somewhat damaged the RTX 4090 GPU’s power sockets.

(Credit: reggie gakil, a Reddit user) “It happened mid-game.” wrote (Opens in a new window) Reddit user reggie gakil, who asked for the product to be returned, stated that the GPU is still functional.

One of the clients has already received reached out (Opens in a new window) from Nvidia. According to a corporate spokeswoman who spoke to The Verge, “We are looking into the reports.”

(Reddit user NoDuelsPolicy credit) It’s possible that the issue is limited to a handful of defective 12VHPWR connections that were shipped to unlucky consumers. However, the problem also arises after the PCI-SIG, a business organization that manages the PCI interface, issued a warning regarding possible heat problems when utilizing the 12VHPWR adaptor cable with existing ATX 2.0 power supplies.

According to a September Wccftech report, “Please be cautioned that PCI-SIG has become aware that some implementations of the 12VHPWR connectors and assemblies have showed temperature variation, which could result in safety issues under certain conditions.”

(Source: PCI-SIG) The thermal issues are caused by bending in the 12VHPWR cable, which can cause overheating, according to slide Slides (Opens in a new window) from a PCI-SIG presentation.

Additionally, CableMod last month issued an warned (Opens in a new window) warning to customers to avoid even slightly bending the 12VHPWR connector while mounting an RTX 4090 GPU.


(Source: CableMod According to our comprehensive testing, bending the wires too closely to the connector can cause some of the terminals to come away or line up incorrectly inside the connector. According to CableMod, this could result in an unequal load over the other wires, raising the danger of overheating damage. If the bend is made horizontally in reference to the connector orientation, the risk is noticeably larger.

Images and their postings show that the two users who had melted 12VHPWR connectors also slightly bent the cables around the pins while attaching them to the RTX 4090.

(Credit: reggie gakil, a Reddit user) We asked Nvidia for a comment; if we hear back, we’ll update the story. CableMod advises users to only bend the 12VHPWR cable at a “minimum distance of 35mm” (1.37 inches) from the 16-pin connector in the interim to avoid thermal problems.

Additionally, CableMod offers a 12VHPWR cable with a 90° connection that requires no bending. The product goes on sale on October 31.
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