With the help of NVIDIA GeForce NOW , your Chromebook can unlock RTX 3080-powered PC games for play on the move with little more than an internet connection. This makes gaming on the go simpler than ever and, in most cases, less expensive than you imagined.

For both casual and serious players, the recently released NVIDIA GeForce NOW Chrome OS software is fantastic. That’s fantastic for individuals who want quick, simple gaming on the go. You have a cheap entry point into RTX 3080 graphics without a catch for individuals want high-end PC graphics without having to go out and create a possibly pricey gaming PC.

Yes, Chromebooks can run some simple games and Android apps. The issue is that, despite having that power, your experience can be quite inconsistent. A Chromebook is compact, stylish, and offers amazing battery life thanks to a lightweight operating system, unlike some gaming laptops that can be large, clunky beasts.

You have the ideal gaming companion when you combine such outstanding qualities with the performance of an RTX 3080 graphics card. You can access your current collection of full-fat PC games from Stream, UPlay, the Epic Games Store, and GOG.com using NVIDIA GeForce NOW. That definitely beats attempting to run a mobile version on a PC with scaling and graphic problems.

On a Chromebook, NVIDIA GeForce NOW is the ideal gaming solution. It’s similar to plugging an RTX 3080 directly into the side of your Chromebook to get top-tier gaming on any Chrome OS device with a native, optimized, on-device installed app. With the Priority plan with ray-tracing enabled, you may enable 1080p, 60 frames per second gaming for just $9.99 per month or $49.99 for six months. That is considerably less expensive than modernizing an old PC or gaming console.

The 3080 plan enables gaming at even higher resolutions. For $19.99 a month—still significantly less than comparable upgrades—you can play all of your games with NVIDIA GeForce NOW in 1440p up to 120 frames per second or 4K UHD at 60 frames per second with the crucial ray-tracing enabled. Additionally, since this is cloud gaming, you can use hardware like the Nvidia Shield TV and virtually any Android TV-powered hardware to play across Chromebooks, Android, Macs, PCs, and TVs.

The beauty of NVIDIA GeForce NOW is that it doesn’t restrict you to playing games on a Chromebook. Simply put, you don’t have to be bound to a single device to play any of the more than 1,200 biggest and best games, which also include approximately 100 games that are free to play.

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