The Nothing Phone(1) had a brief moment of fame until Samsung grabbed it with its most recent Unpacked show. Since the phone has been released, some users have noticed that the screen doesn’t get as bright as promised. NotebookCheck claims that Nothing must reduce the max brightness of the Nothing Phone.

This telephone is by Carl Peis. One of the most anticipated phones of the year, Nothing managed to amass some respectable reviews. The screen wasn’t getting as bright as stated while individuals were using the phone, they noted.


(1) This phone’s display is fairly dark when used outside in bright sunshine. According to the phone’s specification sheet, under typical conditions, its brightness can reach 500 nits. The screen’s brightness is increased by 140% to 1,200 nits in HDR mode. Such brightness ought to always be brighter than the sun.

Advertisement That doesn’t appear to be the case, though, as the Nothing Phone(1peak )’s brightness is much lower. A very startling change can be seen when examining the Nothing Phone (1)’s specifications on the Nothing website.

Prior to debut, the specifications indicated a peak brightness of 1,200 nits, however it was covertly modified to merely 700 nits. Therefore, the increase is 40% rather than 140%. Although 700 nits is respectable, others were hoping for a display that was significantly brighter.

Nothing phone 1 peak brightness 1
Nothing phone 1 peak brightness 2

Even if this may not be the largest issue in the history of smartphones, the company’s actions are nevertheless questionable. We’re not certain if Nothing will issue a formal statement regarding this matter. Everything about the Nothing Phone(1) appears to be accurate thus far, with the exception of the max brightness.


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