There is a lot of pressure on the tech market right now because of the state of the global economy. As a result, businesses are pricing their items higher than consumers would prefer. Nintendo, however, is not interested in raising the costs of the Switch gaming systems.

The gaming community has criticized Sony for its most recent PS5 price increase. This price increase varies by area and affects many nations outside of the US. For instance, it has increased by 30 ($35.34) in the UK and by 50 ($49.99) in all of Europe. In Japan, the cost of the console was 10,500 yen, or $75.52.

With the exception of the Japanese market, this modification took effect on August 25 in all other markets. On September 15th, its price will increase in Japan. The difficulty of obtaining these consoles makes the situation much worse. If you’ve been waiting till 2020 to get one of these consoles, you’re only receiving bad news.

Advertisement However, Nintendo will not raise the switch prices. The majority of us would find this unexpected. Not to disparage Nintendo, but this is the publisher that rarely offers discounts on its titles. Kirby Star Allies, which is four years old, is still $60. Therefore, excuse us if we seemed a little taken aback.

In any event, Nintendo told EuroGamer that despite the current economic crisis, Switch costs will not be increased. An assertion made by company president Shuntaro Furukawa at the 82nd annual shareholders meeting was repeated by a spokeswoman. He claims in the statement that there are no current intentions to raise the price of our gear in response to inflation or rising acquisition expenses in every nation.

In essence, the cost to purchase a Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite, or Switch OLED remains the same. If you’re still interested in purchasing one of these systems, that’s fantastic news.

Advertisement A SMALL BIT OF INFORMATION IS STILL IN THE AIR. Nintendo is not increasing the price of the Switch, but we can’t completely rule out pricing changes across the board at the firm. Furukawa stated that the business is unable to comment on its pricing policy. Also We shall think carefully and again before deciding on our pricing policies in the future.

This does not imply that we will experience price rises, but rather that Nintendo is experiencing the effects of the downturn in the economy and is putting strategies in place to reduce further losses. Although we don’t know what the corporation might do, certain changes are likely.


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