The New Hemisphere Republicans’ victory in the 2020 elections was epic in scale. The NH GOP succeeded to shift both chambers of the legislature and became the first and only state to accomplish so with the 4-1 majority in the Executive Council, but the Democrats kept all of the federal posts.

There are other explanations for the NH GOP’s triumph in the executive council, but the two powerful women are the main factor. One of them represents a region that is struggling economically, and the other is from the richest town in North Hampshire.

Both of these female senators discussed their plans for working with and for the people in 2021 with the NHJournal. They explained to the journal how they would handle the continuous COVID-19 difficulties while maintaining the educational system.

Sens. Erin Hennessey and Denise Ricciardi are the two women I’ve been talking about so much that I neglected to mention their names. Check out what they told the NH Journal and their goals for 2021.

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Republican Sen. Erin Hennessey is the senator for the northernmost senate district, District 1. The Coos Country and the southern half of the Grafton Country make up the District. It is home to Stratford and Berlin, the two areas in the state with the lowest household earnings.

Sen. Hennessey spent six years as a member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives. She was a member of the finance committee in the New Hampshire house, where her primary areas of interest were the state’s budget and taxation.

As a state senator, Erin told the journal that her concentration would remain on the north, which she has previously represented. She continued by saying that she will be introducing new tax laws for the public to support the nation’s small businesses.

Because the post-epidemic period is about to begin and we need to consider the small businessmen who experienced losses in this pandemic, she added it is crucial to implement these rules now. Long-term, New Hamshire will benefit from this.

Sen. Hennessey wants to increase tourism, which is New Hampshire’s principal source of income. She will concentrate on ways to boost tourism in the nation.

She claimed that because tourism was the state’s primary industry, it was extremely challenging for residents of New Hampshire to make a living during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Their businesses and source of income were closed by the pandemic. To restart it and keep running their business, they will need a significant amount of funding.

Sen. Hennessey then spoke about the New Hemisphere’s educational system. She claimed that the nation’s educational policies are deteriorating. She proposes combining the classes from various school districts.


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