after Peacock was introduced by NBCUniversal’s parent company, Comcast. It was just a matter of time before NBC content migrated away from Hulu when Disney acquired Fox and gained majority control of the streaming service. Comcast even made this announcement earlier this year.

The majority of NBCUniversal content used to be on Hulu the day after it aired for many years. That will still remain the case, however starting on September 19, Hulu will be replaced with Peacock. That puts several of its well-liked shows just in time for their upcoming fall seasons.

According to Kelly Campbell, president of Peacocks, the platform will be the only thing that changes for viewers. And that’s not too bad because Peacock is really one of the less expensive alternatives available. Peacock is available for free, or for $5 a month you may upgrade to Peacock Premium, which unlocks all the content. Or for $10 a month, Peacock Premium Plus (which is ad-free). Peacock Premium is also free if you have Comcast as a provider.

Advertisement CERTAIN NBC SERIES WILL STAY ON HULU Comcast has a financial stake in Hulu through 2024 and is one of the service’s co-owners. Naturally, some NBC content will continue to be available on Hulu. That includes programs like This Is Us, The Mindy Project, Parenthood, and others that have completed their runs.

By designating Peacock as the exclusive home of its IP and original content, NBCU intends to expand its streaming platform. According to Comcast, it will double its content spending for Peacock from $1.5 billion in 2021 to $3 billion in 2022. And in the following years, that amount is projected to increase to $5 billion.

This is going to get very perplexing for the customers. NBC material is moving to Peacock and some is still available on Hulu. But it appears that NBCU is trying to keep things as straightforward as possible. Older series continue to be available on Hulu until 2024, while new shows debut on Peacock.


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