Kena: Bridge Of Spirits, which debuted for the PS5 back in 2021 and was among the first genuinely fantastic games, is finally formally receiving a Steam release. The game was initially accessible for PS5 and PC, but only through the Epic Games Store, when it first launched last year. Nevertheless, it garnered really good reviews, and we’ve had it on our list of the top PC games for a while.

Now those who have put off playing it because Steam is their preferred marketplace can do so as soon as possible. And, perhaps, with a few fun little bonuses. As you can see, Kena: Bridge Of Spirits will officially launch on Steam next month. The game’s anniversary update is also being officially released at the same time. which also has some cool gameplay-enhancing content.

Players who have copies of the game via the Epic Games Store or PS5 can also access this anniversary update.

Advertisement BRIDGE OF SPIRITS RECEIVES A STEAM RELEASE AND ANNIVERSARY UPDATE, PER KENA The introduction of the official Steam version is still a few weeks away. But when it arrives, people who purchase it will right away have access to both the base game and the anniversary content. On September 27, Kena will go live on Steam, and the anniversary update will add a new game mode among other things.

However, you won’t benefit from the new game mode until you’ve completed the game at least once. Having said that, once players reach that point, it’ll offer some respectable replay value. The anniversary update also adds a new game mode called Spirit Guide Trials in addition to the new game mode. Additionally, you can unlock Kena’s clothes after finishing this mode.

On that note, everybody who owns the game’s digital deluxe version will receive a special outfit. So you might want to think about purchasing that version if you want to purchase the game from Steam. The anniversary update also contains charmstones that can be used individually to give Kena changes to some of her stats and abilities.

Advertisement Kena: On September 27, Bridge Of Spirits will be available on on Steam for $39.99 or $49.99 for the Digital Deluxe Edition.


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