The Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) for Insiders’ release Update version 2206.40000.15.0 now includes controller support. That includes joysticks that are matched to the standard WASD keys as well as gamepads. The arrow keys on a keyboard can now also be used to operate games that use swiping motions to aim or slide. All in all, assuming the game genuinely supports controllers and not just touch gestures, the Android gaming experience on Windows 11 should be much more comfortable now.

Other enhancements are also included in the update, especially in the areas of networking, settings, and graphics. Microsoft does warn Insiders that some VPN services might not function properly with the Advanced Networking functionality of WSA. If that applies to you, Microsoft suggests simply disabling the feature to allow Android apps to re-connect to the internet.

If not for the somewhat significant issue that it isn’t currently available anyplace outside of the United States, at least not officially, this news is encouraging for the Windows Subsystem for Android. Microsoft does want to expand that list by five other nations, but not until the end of this year. The fact that WSA relies on Amazon’s Appstore and services, and that some Android games and apps may not function properly in the absence of Google Play Services, is another important concern.


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