Roach Race is a brand-new mini-game that CD Projekt Red, the creators of Cyberpunk 2077, released earlier this week. You might find and play this game as a smaller game inside of the main Cyberpunk 2077 game. Additionally, it was initially made available for the game as part of the 1.6 update. Roach Race may now be played without Cyberpunk 2077, so that’s good.

because CD Projekt Red just released it as a free-to-play mobile game on Android. This is a straightforward auto-runner game where you control Roach. Throughout The Witcher game series, books, and TV show, Geralt’s equestrian companion. All you’re trying to do is see how far you can push Roach before you’re doomed to fail. And despite how simple that may appear, you could initially find it to be more difficult.

You, as Roach, will have to avoid every impediment you come across as you travel the continent on your adventures without Geralt at your side (or rather on your back). If you succeed in finishing it, you can advance to a stage with possibly much more difficult hurdles. You might even encounter a few monsters. And to top it all off, by gathering apples and carrots, you may boost your points with unique bonuses. Overall, a fantastic little game that can be played anywhere for free.


Roach Race Android 1
Roach Race Android 2
Roach Race Android 3
Roach Race Android 4

The game is free to download and does not include any in-game purchases. Therefore, you can download it with confidence knowing that you won’t be bothered by offers to buy boosters or other stuff. Although it’s not a revolutionary new mobile game, it can be used to pass the time while you’re waiting in line at the doctor’s office or on the bus.

Additionally, the game has a global leaderboard, which adds to the competitive atmosphere. Your position on the leaderboard will increase the further along you are in the stages. Roach Race is currently accessible on and works with the majority of Android devices.



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