For Drive, Google is releasing a distinctive circular homescreen widget. This is the first widget with Material You theming and a circular design, initially discovered by 9to5Google. The article only mentioned that it was accessible on Android tablets, but we can confirm that the new Drive widget design is also accessible on phones. In the upcoming weeks, the business might apply this style to additional apps.

There are currently a number of homescreen widget design options available for Google Drive on Android-powered smartphones and tablets. The Drive quick actions widget can be changed from its normal horizontal bar layout to a flower-shaped (or X-shaped) widget. The most recent improvement now enables you to further increase the widget’s height so that it becomes a circle.

The round shape is reminiscent of the well-known rotary dial, as the new report notes. It has six more shortcuts for different functions surrounding the Drive shortcut button in the middle. You have shortcuts for opening Drive search, uploading files, and launching the camera in addition to opening new Docs, Sheets, and Slides documents rapidly. The latter three shortcuts and the Drive button were the only items available in the horizontal bar or flower widget. The shortcuts for Docs, Sheets, and Slides would appear when you clicked the symbol.

Advertisement Additionally, Google Drive provides a widget for recommended files. It provides easy access to suggested Drive files as well as search and upload shortcuts. There are currently no design changes being made to this specific widget.

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A CIRCULAR HOMESCREEN WIDGET FOR DRIVE IS ROLLED OUT BY GOOGLE Since the launch of the Material You design language with Android 12 last year, Google has focused on enhancing the aesthetic appeal of Android. The business has revamped its first-party apps as part of this endeavor, adding new homescreen widgets and a new UI. The growing library of Google widgets for Android now includes this circular widget for Google Drive. It works well with apps that have a lot of action buttons or shortcuts. If this widget style is added to more Google apps, we’ll let you know.

Advertisement Version 2.22.357.1 of the Google Drive app for Android tablets and phones is the version that introduces the new circular widget. If you haven’t already, you will very soon. On your Android smartphone, make sure to keep the Google Drive app updated. To get the most recent version of the app from the Google Play Store, click the icon below.


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