Netflix has been attempting to enter the gaming sector, but its efforts haven’t exactly been successful. That, however, implies that the business won’t go any farther. Netflix may be investigating cloud gaming, according to a recent job offering. All of this is merely supposition, so you should approach it with caution.

Investment in cloud gaming appears to be a significant move for the business. This is particularly true because, when you think about gaming, Netflix isn’t the first firm that springs to mind. Recently, it was discovered that fewer than 1% of Netflix’s subscriber population actually plays the service’s mobile games.

However, a job posting could indicate that Netflix is pursuing cloud gaming. Details are still scant because this is still in its early stages. A recent online job posting from Netflix (via The Protocol ) outlined the requirements for the position. The article claims that Netflix is searching for fresh approaches to providing entertainment that call for real-time, extremely low latency network transport technology.

Advertisement Other than video games, not many other types of entertainment necessitate real-time, ultra-low latency network transport methods. The job description further mentions that the candidates will have a direct impact on a developing business sector. Netflix primarily focuses on two industries: movies and television and games, with the former clearly not a developing market.

You should consider this with a grain of salt, as was previously indicated. If it’s accurate, the business might be able to pull this off. Who knows if the company could succeed with more difficult games despite the fact that its mobile games aren’t doing well? The ability to open Netflix and browse a selection of games you may play directly in the app would be the main draw (thats assuming itll work like that).

It will be a while before we hear anything about this if the corporation is genuinely developing cloud gaming. Well, we’ll just have to wait and pass the time playing the company’s numerous Stranger Things mobile games.


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