In the near future, Google intends to replace a number of its smart home appliances with the Matter standard. The Nest Hub Max will no longer function as a range extender or bridge prior to that support.

The Nest Hub Max will receive an update in time for the Matter over Thread standard in late July. The flagship Assistant Smart Displays from Google will lose two essential functions, which could have an impact on some current home setups, even though this future version does not allow Matter compatibility (which is scheduled for later this year).

As a bridge or range extender, the Nest Hub Max will no longer function. Owners of the no longer available Nest x Yale (door) Lock or Nest Detect open/close sensor will have a problem with this.

Nest x Yale Locks and Nest Detects link to Wi-Fi via a bridge rather than directly. As a result, the battery life and range of these gadgets are increased.

Nest Hub Max bridge
Nest Detect
Nest Connect
Nest Guard
Nest Hub Max bridge
Nest x Yale Lock

The Nest Hub Max can act as a bridge or range extender for a Nest Connect or Guard that is farther away in some people’s houses. Following the update:

Users won’t be able to lock or unlock their door using the Nest app if their locks are connected to Wi-Fi via a Nest Hub Max or if they are outside the range of their Nest Connect or Nest Guard. The Nest x Yale Lock’s keypad will still allow users to lock and unlock the door. In order to connect to Wi-Fi and update the Nest app with their status, Nest Detects must be within range of Nest Connect or Nest Guard.

Google suggests placing a Nest Connect or Guard near door locks and offline open/close sensors. Starting in mid-June, Google Nest will send emails to Nest x Yale Lock customers with instructions on how to obtain a free Nest Connect, which is currently rated costs $69 . This can be accomplished automatically through a Google Store discount code or by getting in touch with Support personally.

Most Nest x Yale Lock and Nest Detect users, according to the business added , have a Nest Guard or Connect serving as that bridge, thus they won’t be harmed by the Nest Hub Max update.

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