Platform-fighters are thought to be a more laid-back type of fighting game. Perhaps this is because the genre originated with the video game Super Smash Bros., which features cute Nintendo mascots battling it out on vibrant stages. But make no mistake, these are fighting games at their core, and MultiVersus from Warner Bros. Games is the newest platform fighter prepared to capture that competitive spirit.

MultiVersus has plenty of silliness on its roster, which includes characters like Batman, Velma Dinkley, LeBron James, and Arya Stark. However, the creators at Player First Games are also working very hard (and spending a lot of money on tournaments) to make this enjoyable competitive esports experience. Although MultiVersus has a few gameplay flaws, it has a solid enough base to support this objective.

Check out our best advice if you want to step up your game and become a MultiVersus elite player.

Image 1 Image 2 Image 2 Good Image 3 (Credit: Warner Bros. Games) 1. Examine your persona. This is an essential fighting game tip. Once you’ve identified a fighter whose playstyle you enjoy, it’s critical to thoroughly research your new primary. MultiVersus divides characters into classes akin to those found in MMOs, which gives you a decent notion of what to anticipate. For instance, Bugs Bunny is a long-range wizard with devious attacks. On the other side, Superman is like a tank that can take a lot of punishment. Some characters prefer moving vertically or horizontally. In order to create strategies for future matchups, understanding your main character also requires studying other characters.

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(Credit: Warner Bros. Games) 3. AVOID DECAY FROM ATTACK Certain attacks have no cooldowns. They have a catch, so you can spam them all you want. Use a move too repeatedly and you’ll experience attack decay, which reduces the knockback and damage of the move. Additionally, you should vary your attacks. You become more unpredictable as a result, and games are more entertaining to watch.

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(Credit: Warner Bros. Games) MAIN EDGEGUARDING 5. Platform fights are about knocking opponents off the stage into oblivion rather than nibbling away at their health bars. Traditionally, you accomplish this by causing a lot of damage before striking hard and quickly to end the battle. Advanced players, however, execute a move known as edgeguarding that prevents opponents who, in theory, could have returned to the stage if nothing stood in their way. With projectiles or by having the guts to leap off the stage to deliver an assault, you can protect the edge.


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(Credit: Warner Bros. Games) 7. IMPROVE YOUR BENEFITS Unlock and equip unique perks to improve your character’s performance in battle. Make intelligent choices with your limited supply of offensive and defensive perks, such as getting an additional jump or thicker skin. With the correct perks and your natural playstyle, you may make losing opponents very irritated. Basic perks are first acquired as you play, however after leveling up a character to nine, you can immediately purchase perks (and enhance them for that specific character).

0.0 of 0.0 seconds Volume % CFM volume For more information on MultiVersus, see our selections for the top Super Smash Bros. alternatives for PC and have a look at the HBO characters we’d want to see join the fight.

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