A new smartwatch bearing the Nord brand will soon be released by OnePlus. For a few months now, there have been rumors floating around about the OnePlus Nord Watch. A few weeks ago, we also saw the wearable with a rectangular dial. It seems that there were six different OnePlus Nord Watch models. You did read that correctly. Two versions of the second-generation smartwatch will have rectangular dials, while four will have circular dials, according to the company.

The dimensions of the two rectangular OnePlus Nord Watch variants will vary drastically, as can be seen in the leaked renderings below. The smallest of the two is the one that we previously observed. It supposedly has a display with a resolution of 240280. The other has a screen resolution of 368448 pixels and is substantially larger. Both have a single circular controller on the right, however that controller’s design varies. The way the strap fastens to the watch body is another obvious design distinction between the two types.

One Plus Nord Watch leaked renders 7
OnePlus Nord Watch leaked renders 6

Now let’s talk about the OnePlus Nord Watch, which comes in two sizes. The smaller watch is available in two types and has a 240×240 resolution display. One of them has a circular controller on the right and resembles a normal smartwatch. However, the other has two of them, with a red border around the top one. This variant has a sportier appearance. It appears that OnePlus is aiming to provide a budget-friendly robust smartwatch.

Advertisement When you look at the larger circular OnePlus Nord Watch, which has a 390390 resolution display, it seems to be more accurate. There are also two variations of this, and both include two physical buttons on the right. One of them, though, has complementary straps and a physique that seems to be stronger. You may see them in the list below.

One Plus Nord Watch leaked renders 5
OnePlus Nord Watch leaked renders 2
One Plus Nord Watch leaked renders 4
One Plus Nord Watch leaked renders 3

THE ONEPLUS NORD WATCH IS CLOSER TO BEING RELEASED The smartwatch market entrance by OnePlus wasn’t the best. Reviews of the OnePlus Watch’s first generation, including our own, weren’t very positive. It has numerous shortcomings that we couldn’t overlook. However, the corporation isn’t afraid to try its hand at wrist wearables again. It is currently getting ready to introduce a number of affordable smartwatches under its Nord series.

As previously said, the OnePlus Nord Watch has been making appearances in rumors for a while now. During this period, it has also acquired a few regulatory certificates, suggesting that a launch is imminent. Another sign that the new OnePlus smartwatch will launch shortly is the most recent leak , which comes via tipper Mukul Sharma. When we have more information, we’ll let you know.


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