You might soon be able to transcribe voicemails using Google Messages. The functionality, which is presently under development, was discovered by 9to5Google during an APK deconstruction of the application. Additionally, the article discovered that Google Messages is getting ready to overhaul its in-app gallery view. The whole emoji library will soon be supported for message reactions.

VOICE MEMO TRANSCRIPTS ARE BEING PREPARED BY GOOGLE MESSAGES. Google is preparing two versions of the transcribing feature, according to the new report . The feature occasionally operates automatically. Every voicemail received is transcribed and shown in plain text during the conversation. The transcribed text can be hidden using the Hide button, and the Settings shortcut will probably lead you to the settings page where you can disable transcriptions. If you wish to listen to the voice memo, it is still available.

However, a subsequent version of the same feature does not automatically translate incoming audio messages. The transcribe button must be manually tapped in its place. With a third option to entirely disable transcriptions, perhaps consumers will have the choice between both of these incarnations. The latter may also be made available through Google settings that specify that the prescription is completed on the device and that the transcript isn’t forwarded to the business.

Advertisement It should be noted that Google Messages supports sending voice messages whether you are using the traditional SMS/MMS standard or the more recent RCS system to talk. If you can’t hear the audio recording or it’s unclear, Google thinks transcription will be helpful. This indicates that voice recordings can be converted into text in Messages even if they were badly recorded. According to the current analysis, transcripts already contain automated punctuation and are mostly right. However, transcriptions might get quicker.

Google Messages voice memo transcribe 1
Google Messages voice memo transcribe 2
Google Messages voice memo transcribe 3

MORE NEW FEATURES ARE UNDER CONSTRUCTION Additionally, Google Messages is getting ready to update the gallery interface when choosing which photographs to send. Right now, all you see is a grid of images that scrolls horizontally along with a tiny camera viewfinder and a Gallery button. A vertically scrolling feed will be introduced by the next modification. The gallery fills up more screen real estate as you scroll up to see more pictures. The camera viewfinder is still present, but Folders has taken the place of the Gallery button, which still accomplishes the same task. The modifications follow the Material You design aesthetic.

The ability to reply to incoming messages with any emoji will soon be available in Google Messages. There are currently just seven emoji reactions available. The adjustment is greatly needed because this situation has existed for more than two years. This feature was just implemented to WhatsApp as well.

Advertisement All of these Google Messages features are private and not accessible to the general public. On those, the business is presently making behind-the-scenes progress. However, the publication might manually turn on the under-development features. Additionally, they are practical. Therefore, a public launch might not be too distant away. When the update is available, we’ll let you know.


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