Although Google Search’s Featured Snippets are a terrific method to find quick answers to your questions, sometimes one response is insufficient. In order to display more websites, Google Search is currently exploring a new design for featured snippets.

WHAT DO GOOGLE SEARCH FEATURED SNIPPETS DO? Let’s start by defining Featured Snippets. If you’ve ever used Google Search to look up a subject, you’ve probably seen the first item on the page be a quote from an article that has a link just below it, with the answer highlighted in bold letters.

Additionally, data is fed into Google Assistant through snippets. When Assistant responds directly to a question you ask, it is most likely using a Featured Snippet to provide the response. explains Google:

Sometimes the snippet describing a page appears before a link to a page in Google’s search results, as opposed to after in our regular arrangement. Featured snippets are the name for the results shown in this form. Featured snippets may appear on their own in search results overall, in the “People also ask” section, or in conjunction with Knowledge Graph data.

GOOGLE ADDS NEW FEATURE SNIPPETS TO SHOW MORE ANSWERS Google is testing out a new appearance for Featured Snippets, as noted by the people at SearchEngineLand . Instead of just one card, up to four cards with quoted responses to a user’s query may appear. These Snippets, like most others, concentrate on providing a rapid response to the user’s query.

But in contrast to the typical Featured Snippet style, this offers more details with a little less context. The answer’s surrounding paragraph is displayed in existing Snippets, but the new design looks to be mostly confined to just one sentence, if not even fewer.

Brodie Clark on Twitter saw and documented the new design when searching can you give allegra to dogs and William lvarez saw it when searching what is the recovery following wisdom teeth removal.

Since we haven’t yet noticed this new design on our devices, it seems to still be in the early stages of testing. Let us know if you notice the revised design in the comments section.

Google’s 9TO5 This new look has both positives and negatives. Google is presenting solutions from a greater variety of sources, on the one hand. This indicates that people are more inclined to conduct further study on the subject rather than accepting the initial response they find, which in some circumstances doesn’t fully explain the situation.

On the other side, it is worrying that these new Snippets display less information. There is less of a probability that the context will help the displayed answer if Google gets it wrong.

This style has a lot of potential benefits, but Google will need to strike the perfect balance.
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