There is a blue box next to the file name when editing an Office Word document in Google Docs. It will be highlighted that it is a.DOCX file in the box that stays there the entire time you work on it, i.e. e. a file in Office format. However, Docs will add a warning icon (a triangle with an exclamation mark within) to the box if it finds any compatibility problems.

The box will indicate that the file has compatibility problems when your cursor is over it. If you click on it, Google will go into further detail about how some Word features cannot be displayed in Docs. Therefore, if you edit the file, those features or formatting will be lost. You can get more information about the compatibility problem by clicking the See details button.

If you keep modifying the file, you will lose the incompatible functionality, according to Google explains . Docs has your back, though, if you neglected to double-check things and lost some crucial formatting. With the press of a button, you can undo all the changes and go back to the original version. The same blue box also contains a Restore button. To see changes, you can rapidly review the version history.

THE NEW OFFICE COMPATIBILITY WARNINGS ARE NOW RELEASING TO GOOGLE WORKSPACE TOOLS On Wednesday, August 10, Google began releasing these warnings on Docs, Sheets, and Slides for compatibility concerns with Microsoft Office files. Over the next few weeks, all customers on domains with Scheduled Release and Rapid Release should start receiving the new feature. According to the business, warnings will always show up when editing a Microsoft Office-formatted file that has compatibility problems and will be enabled by default.

All Google Workspace clients, traditional G Suite Basic and Business subscribers, and individuals with personal Google Accounts will be able to access these warnings. If you frequently open Office files on Google tools, you should soon have access to the new capability. Watch this space for other new features as Google updates its vast collection of productivity tools.


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