Many people are unaware of Niantic’s existence outside of the wildly popular game Pokemon Go. In actuality, the company has completed a variety of projects, such as an NBA game. We now know Niantic is not developing a game using characters from Marvel.

If you didn’t know, Niantic is a firm that focuses on augmented reality. Ingress, a well-known augmented reality game, was created by the business before Pokemon Go reminded us what the outside was. Nevertheless, despite Pokemon Go’s popularity, the business is currently facing significant difficulties. A few months ago, Niantic was forced to terminate a sizable number of its employees and postpone a number of its initiatives.

NIANTIC, though, is developing a Marvel game. The business is having some problems, but it is still able to produce. In addition to the Pokemon Go Season of Ligh t, the business is developing a brand-new game based on Marvel comics.

Advertisement Other than the fact that it will be an augmented reality (AR) game and that it would be released sometime in the next year, not much is known about this title. Its name is World of Heroes. On its website, Niantic published a game trailer, but it doesn’t feature any gameplay. This indicates that it will be some time before we learn any more reliable information about it.

It goes without saying that you won’t be using pokeballs to capture Avengers. We anticipate the game to focus more on battles. In any case, it will motivate individuals to leave their houses and go on adventures in order to collect characters and other goods.

We will need to wait to learn more about this game. There wouldn’t be much information to gather just now, as the business is probably working on the game’s infrastructure right now. If you’re anticipating this game, keep an eye out for updates throughout the coming 12 months.


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