Two Pixel 7 series advertisements that discuss different aspects of the two phones have leaked. An anonymous whistleblower named SnoopyTech published these advertisements on Twitter.

THE PIXEL 7 SERIES ADS TALK ABOUT A LOT MORE FEATURES AND CONFIRM “MACRO FOCUS.” The Pixel 7 Pro advertisement is a little more intriguing because it begins by emphasizing “Macro Focus.” It exists so that you can “see minute details” in pictures. Even a sample phone photo, a close-up of a flower, is displayed here. Be aware that the video is not in HD, so you shouldn’t base your assessment on the image quality on it.

There it is. A previously leaked spec sheet for the device also makes reference to “Macro Focus.” However, given that this is unquestionably an official ad that leaked, this is essentially the final confirmation.

Advertisement Given that the ‘Macro Focus’ feature was also featured in the Pixel 7 Pro advertisement and that the leaked spec sheet only lists it for the ‘Pro’ model, it’s probable that the telephoto rather than the ultrawide camera will be employed.

‘Super Res Zoom’ is also referenced here, even if that’s not a new moniker, along with ‘MAGIC ERASER’ and other terms. Both advertisements reference “Magic Eraser,” and you can see a preview of the Google Camera user interface here. It appears to be identical to the app’s most recent build.

The term “Live Translate,” which was also referenced here, is one that we are all too acquainted with. Additionally, the Pixel 7 Pro advertisement gives the “Extreme Battery Saver” some love. The Pixel 7 advertisement mentions the “Cinematic Blur” feature, which “gives videos a dramatic look.”

Advertisement In light of the fact that the Pixel 7 Pro will include a telephoto camera, it makes sense that it will have more photography features than its sister. The Pixel 7 Pro is the better option for you if you enjoy taking macro photos and using the zoom on your camera.

However, the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro will essentially produce the same images if you solely utilize the main and ultrawide cameras. For the two cameras, the hardware and software will be identical.

By now, most of you are aware that the Pixel 7 series will officially launch on October 6.
Advertisement The standard Pixel 7 is the final, but certainly not the least: It’s done
Twitter user @ snoopytech October 2, 2022
Advertising Pixel 7 Pro: This concludes
— SnoopyTech October 2, 2022 (@ snoopytech_)


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