Although Stadia may be leaving us soon, Luna is still around, and Amazon has just revealed a fresh batch of titles for October. As the competition for cloud gaming continues, Luna, the most diligent service among the alternatives, will offer 9 new games to members in October. These games are distributed over all of Luna’s available channels, as usual. Therefore, the number of games from the recently added collection that you can play depends on the channels that you watch.

Having said that, if you sign up for all of them, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of new games starting at the beginning of next month. Remember that Amazon isn’t providing any specific release dates for these books. The only thing the firm says is that all 9 games will be released in October. in due course. Naturally, given the Stadia news from today, we wouldn’t hold it against anyone if they were suddenly dubious of cloud gaming in general. Except for Xbox Game Pass’s cloud gaming, which appears to be performing incredibly well.

METRO EXODUS IS AN OCTOBER LUNA GAME. I have good news for anyone who hasn’t yet played Metro Exodus. Soon enough, you’ll be able to play it somewhere else. Because Luna will start using the Prime Gaming channel’s moniker for its library starting in the following month. Luna customers will also receive eight additional games in addition to what is undoubtedly the best game in the franchise. There will be 5 more of those games on the Prime gaming channel. These games include Star Wars Pinball, Monster Truck Championship, SkateBIRD, Earthworm Jim 2, and Blair Witch.

Advertisement Subscribers will have access to Martha Is Dead and Chicken Police – Paint It RED! on the Luna channel. Finally, members can watch Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader on the Family channel.

It’s important to remember that the service received some excellent game additions last month. The Legend Of Heroes: Trails From Zero was One of those . It’s worth trying Luna if you haven’t already. Additionally, since you don’t actually “purchase” any games, you may relax about your financial commitment.


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